Candy cane marshmallow crumble

candy cane marshmallows

Martha Stewart doesn’t know this about me, but one time in Girl Scouts we had a cookout and I ate so many marshmallows I got sick; I haven’t been able to stomach them since (marshmallows, not Girl Scouts).

But I’m sure Martha Stewart *does* know that peppermint naturally fights nausea. So I have to assume that she’s SO intuitively nurturing that, even though I never told her the Girl Scouts story, she created this candy cane marshmallows recipe just for me. Finally, I can eat a food that makes me sick at the same time I ingest the cure!

And if I know Martha, the recipe is really simple and easy to follow, right? Hahahahahaha. CraftFail reader Nancy tried it out for us.

candy cane marshmallow failThat looks… just like Martha’s! No, it doesn’t look like her candy cane marshmallows, but I’m sure it looks like *something* of Martha’s. Some old peppermint sticks her dogs chewed up, maybe? Oh well, I guess that’s just the way the candy cane marshmallows crumble.

candy cane marshmallows nailed itClick over to Hollow Tree Ventures for more funny from Robyn, who’s also falling apart and didn’t turn out the way anyone intended.

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