Cookie Puss cake flop

cookie pussAm I the last person on Earth to hear about Cookie Puss, the ice cream cake confection by Carvel? It has everything I love about dessert – namely, EVERYTHING. Chocolate ice cream? Check. Vanilla ice cream? Check. Chocolate crunchies? Yes, please. Sugar cones, cookies, icing, fudge? OMG, I’ve never been so happy about my arteries exploding from the impact of a megadose of sugar.

CraftFail reader Paul was fortunate enough to taste a homemade version – and with ingredients this good, what could go wrong?

cookie puss fail

Well, I mean aside from his head being the wrong shape and looking like he got punched in the nose, obviously. I think my favorite part is the evidence of a clean-up operation around the cake, where ice cream and chunks of icing and chocolate crunchies have been hastily wiped (or were they licked?) away. Because you know what that means? It used to look WORSE.

But I bet it’s never tasted better. I’ll happily help eat the evidence of this craft fail!

cookie puss nailed itFor more funny follow Robyn to Hollow Tree Ventures, where she’s already prepared to wreck her New Year’s diet by wrecking a Cookie Puss, homemade or not.

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