Gingerbread Train Wreck

gingerbread trainWhen a craft or recipe is especially challenging, many of us turn to pre-made kits to simplify the process. This gingerbread train kit by Create-a-Treat makes the complicated task of assembling an ornately decorated cookie choo-choo practically effortless with pre-baked gingerbread pieces, icing and candy.

Don’t have a steady hand for holding the train together while it dries? No problem! Per Amazon, the “patented E-Z Build Tray makes assembly simple, clean, and fast.”

So, obviously, nothing could possibly go wrong.

gingerbread train failSomething tells me CraftFail reader Ashley cut her losses and gave up on this one as soon as the project derailed. I guess not even the patented E-Z Build Tray could get this train back on track.

gingerbread train derailed itIf you like funny train wrecks, check out Robyn’s life on Hollow Tree Ventures!

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  1. April says:

    Haha. I can never do gingerbread kits. Once year, my best friend and I tried and it was a disaster, so instead we made an “abstract gingerbread art park” and had a ribbon cutting ceremony for it.

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