Melted Cookie Snowman – nailed it!

melted snowman cookie

Aww, I feel a little sorry for these Chocolaty Melting Snowman cookies from Better Homes and Gardens… which is all the more reason to eat them quickly and put them out of their misery!

But do you know who I really feel sorry for? These flat fellows by CraftFail reader Jenn:

melted snowman cookie fail

Now, before you start to think that she should’ve cut those peanut butter cup hats in half before balancing them carefully atop a skimpy dusting of icing “snow” (like I did, but don’t tell her I said so), in her defense the recipe doesn’t *say* to cut the cups. Actually, from what I can tell, she appears to have followed the directions exactly – although I’ve never personally followed a recipe, so I could be wrong.

Maybe the BH&G original was mimicking a blizzard with two-foot thick icing? Now THAT’S a recipe a chocolaty peanut butter cup hat can sink into – and one I might consider following.

Mmmmm, icing.

melted snowman cookie nailed it

For more funny (and icing binges) find Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!

One Response to Melted Cookie Snowman – nailed it!

  1. Andy says:

    They are still very cute…they look like little snowmen wearing those long British BEEFEATER hats…love it Jenn & craftfail ;-)

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