Snowflake Cupcake Pile of Lies

snowflake cupcake baking mold
I’ve seen silicone baking molds like this snowflake-shaped one for sale on sites like Amazon, and the concept seems pretty simple – you put food in it, bake it, and it comes out shaped like snowflakes. Easy! Or is it?

CraftFail reader Linda sent us a photo of her attempt to make snowflake cupcakes for her son’s birthday, and it prompted me to scour the internet for an example of some perfectly popped-out silicone-baked beauties to use as comparison. And do you know what?

There aren’t any.

I¬†found snowflake-shaped cookies, Rice Krispie treats, fondant snowflake candy cupcake toppers – but no cupcakes. So I checked the Amazon reviews to see why the ratings were so high on a product that, according to the Internet, doesn’t work.

According to the reviews, these non-stick silicone baking trays work perfectly… for making peppermint bark, candy and crayons. What happens when you try to make cupcakes?

snowflake cupcake fail

Poor Linda was left with a messy mold and its resulting pile of cupcake lies.

Well, they do say every snowflake is unique, and these are definitely one-of-a-kind.

snowflake cupcake nailed it

For more funny, join Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures – where she’ll only lie to you about food if you ask where she hid the chocolate.

5 Responses to Snowflake Cupcake Pile of Lies

  1. Maria says:

    I wouldn’t eat stuff that color no matter what shape it was…

  2. Aurelas says:

    I tried using silicone baking cups to make cupcakes for a party once. I was a bit worried because they are rubber, after all, but everything I read insisted that the cupcakes would come out tasting great despite the strong rubber scent. I should have tried it out before the party but of course I didn’t. And I found out the hard way that everything I read had LIED. My cupcakes tasted like rubber. No one would eat them, including me. So I washed the cups again, thinking that maybe I just had not cleaned them well or let them air out or something. Several months later I tried again, this time for home consumption, and the same thing happened. I am convinced that silicone molds exist to make cakes that are inedible due to their rubber flavour. I thought at least they would turn out nice-looking cakes…this seems to prove even that wrong.

  3. Joanna says:

    It’s true, I’ve use them once and can’t wash them for a week! But they’re perfect for something different – I use them for making my gliceryn soaps and they are perfect, look at this: :))

  4. Ariel says:

    So it’s not just me! I’ve tried a few shapes–I have some pumpkin ones, leaf ones, and the snowflake one, as well as some that are supposed to make regular shaped cupcakes minus the paper liner. They stick, the molds are impossible to clean, and the cake comes out soapy tasting.

  5. Kaza says:

    I’ve never had an issue with my silicone molds. The cup cakes come out fine (first batch didn’t, but then I buttered the mold next time and that worked) and they don’t taste like rubber in the least.

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