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Snowflake Cupcake Pile of Lies

snowflake cupcake baking mold
I’ve seen silicone baking molds like this snowflake-shaped one for sale on sites like Amazon, and the concept seems pretty simple – you put food in it, bake it, and it comes out shaped like snowflakes. Easy! Or is it?

CraftFail reader Linda sent us a photo of her attempt to make snowflake cupcakes for her son’s birthday, and it prompted me to scour the internet for an example of some perfectly popped-out silicone-baked beauties to use as comparison. And do you know what?

There aren’t any.

I¬†found snowflake-shaped cookies, Rice Krispie treats, fondant snowflake candy cupcake toppers – but no cupcakes. So I checked the Amazon reviews to see why the ratings were so high on a product that, according to the Internet, doesn’t work.

According to the reviews, these non-stick silicone baking trays work perfectly… for making peppermint bark, candy and crayons. What happens when you try to make cupcakes?

snowflake cupcake fail

Poor Linda was left with a messy mold and its resulting pile of cupcake lies.

Well, they do say every snowflake is unique, and these are definitely one-of-a-kind.

snowflake cupcake nailed it

For more funny, join Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures – where she’ll only lie to you about food if you ask where she hid the chocolate.

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