This Vogue coat is only vaguely a coat

Vogue coat patternThis lovely coat isn’t just for fashion runways or standing “casually” in front of cityscape backdrops with your hair bobby pinned in an elaborate up-do suitable for royal weddings. It can be YOURS – if you have several yards of boiled wool, tons of patience, and pattern 1321 from Vogue.

CraftFail reader Joanne had all those things – in fact, she’d been saving five yards of special boiled wool for TEN YEARS for just the right project. She was determined to make pattern 1321 for her expecting daughter, which is a gesture someone like myself can appreciate after spending two winter pregnancies unable to close a coat in the front. Won’t she look fabulous?

Vogue coat failIn case, upon first glance, you don’t think this looks too bad (based on the fact that it’s roughly coat-shaped), let’s allow Joanne to explain in her own words what went wrong.

Enthusiastically and carefully I cut into my precious wool. I sewed the back darts, which require first sewing them inside, then topstitching them outside. Hm. Boiled wool is thick! Topstitching a dart means going through three layers of fabric – ?kind of a bumpy ride for my poor sewing machine. But I’ll work it out at the ironing board.

As soon as I touched my iron, set on ‘wool’, to the darts, I knew I was in trouble. The fabric singed and started to melt. What the..?? Wool doesn’t melt!

I guess it does if your phony wool isn’t really wool. Oops! But at least the stitching turned out great, right?

Vogue coat fail close up

So, what happens when you make a coat for your pregnant daughter out of melted “wool” with ultra-thick darts that are bulky exactly where they’re supposed to be flattering and top stitching that looks, in some places, like the fabric was wadded up in a ball and sewn together by someone with severe hiccups?

Joanne says, “I ordered my kid a coat from Nordstrom. It’ll be here Monday.”

Vogue coat NAILED ITFor more funny, find Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures.


2 Responses to This Vogue coat is only vaguely a coat

  1. Shannon says:

    Oh my….so sorry to hear that the wool turned out to be fake :(

  2. b says:

    This made me feel so much better. I also made this coat and it went horribly wrong. I made it to the size on the pattern and it was huge! My husband said it looked like a wizards dressing gown and it did!

    I ended up taking it apart and making a new coat from a different pattern.

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