Whole Wheat Waffles, Whole Big Mess


Moms want the very best for their kids when it comes to food. We want them to be happy, but we also want them to be healthy. That’s why we occasionally show them what broccoli looks like on the edge of their plates, and limit their candy-only diet to the two (or three) weeks following Halloween.

One thing that beautifully combines what kids’ bodies need and what their sugar-loving little taste buds crave is a nice whole wheat blueberry waffle, like this one from The Foodie and the Family.

If you really want to thrill the kids, you can do what Steph of Binkies and Briefcases did and serve these suckers for DINNER!

And if you’re running for Mother of the Year, you can even grind your own wheat flour to use in the recipe!

It’s true – I thought you could only grind your own flour if you owned a gristmill and some donkeys and traveled back in time to the late 1800’s, but apparently all you need is a maternal interest in where the food you give your offspring comes from (which explains why I never knew about this phenomenon before now). So, after all of Steph’s efforts to please her children with fruity dinner waffles and to keep them healthy by grinding her own organic wheat berries (Wait, what? It comes in berries?) for the first time, how did they turn out?

blueberry waffle fail


Exactly. This is why I let Kraft and whoever makes Goldfish crackers worry about where the ingredients in my kids’ food comes from. Well, because of this, and laziness.

blueberry waffle nailed it

For more funny stuff (and completely fabricated knowledge about the late 1800’s), find Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!

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  1. Fire says:

    It looks like the waffle either wasn’t cooked when she tried to remove it from the iron, or it was crumbly and dry to begin with. She also may not have sprayed the iron (really, don’t skip this step). And was the iron full and half the waffle scraped out for this photo, or was it the last little leftover bit left after all the full size waffles were cooked?

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