An “It’s the Thought That Counts” Cake

ice cream cake

One of my favorite kinds of not-really-cake cake is ice cream cake, like this one from Cookies and Cups. Brownies, topped with fudge icing, followed by ice cream, whipped cream and sprinkles? Yes, please! If you could somehow cram some cookies and whole chocolate bars in there, this dessert (or entree, if you’re me) would have it all.

CraftFail reader Alejandra must have agreed, because she chose this scrumptious treat to make as a surprise for her boyfriend. Not ready to settle for the typical cookies or cupcakes, she was thrilled to find this fancy-looking food that only had a few ingredients and looked simple to make. Score!

ice cream cake fail

Wait, not “score,” I meant to say “foul!” Actually, although it’s a little runny, this still looks pretty dang good. After all, a chocolatey ice cream mess is still chocolatey ice cream! I think it was a win – even though her boyfriend’s response was, “It’s the thought that counts, babe.”

ice cream cake nailed it

For more funny accidental failure, follow Robyn over to Hollow Tree Ventures!

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