Gummy Bear Booze Bites

vodka gummy bears

Oh, Internet, with all your tempting combinations of sugary snacking and boozy drunkenness – why do we keep trusting you? One CraftFail reader tried to make¬†vodka-soaked gummy bears like these from Cooking Quidnunc, and ended up with vodka gummy bear soup. Can you imagine the disappointment she must’ve felt when she was hammered, but still hungry?!?

Now another CraftFail reader, Laurel of Home in Disarray, has been lured in by the promise of sweet, sweet candy vodka. Did she have better luck?

vodka gummy bear failWell, at least there’s still something to chew, but would you want to? Laurel says, “They were terrible. They taste exactly as you might expect gooey gummy bears and vodka to taste, that is… NOT pleasant.”

Too bad, I was about to stop by with my spoon. Or a straw. Whatever works.

vodka gummy bear nailed it

For more funny (and possibly booze, if she’s feeling generous) join Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!

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