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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s grilled cheese!

toaster grilled cheeseI want this recipe to work. I NEED this recipe to work. Because I have kids, and everyone knows that kids consume twice their body weight in grilled cheese on a daily basis. Being able to make fast and easy toaster grilled cheese as detailed on Grilled Cheese Social would vastly improve the quality of my life, plus give me extra hours in the day to spend on Pinterest, pinning food that I won’t ever actually feed to my children because it’s too complicated, has more than two ingredients, or isn’t made in a toaster.

That’s why I choose to believe that CraftFail reader Coleen’s fail was due to a toaster malfunction, and not a problem with the recipe. I mean, I’m pretty sure not all toasters would forcefully regurgitate a grilled cheese.

toaster grilled cheese fail“It shot out of the toaster and landed like that,” reports Coleen. “Then my daughter says, ‘Uh, mom, there’s fire INSIDE the toaster.'”

Well, that can’t be good. It SHOT OUT? I read the recipe, and I didn’t see any instructions that said to duck and cover.

Still, I bet if I slapped a piece of cheese on there, my kids would eat it anyway – after they finished choking on the toaster smoke, of course. Standards for edible food (and fire safety) are really low at my house.

toaster grilled cheese nailed itTo keep the laughs flying, visit Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!

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