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Jelly Roll Road Kill

jelly roll

I don’t speak much German anymore, but I DO speak Dessert, so when CraftFail reader Niki sent in a picture of this macaroon-covered jelly roll she found in her German copy of¬†Sweet Paul magazine, I knew we were speaking the same language! Who wouldn’t understand the appeal of cake, stuffed with cream and fruity jam, wrapped in fondant and topped with whole cookies?

Then, when I saw the photo of how her version turned out, I knew we’d just crossed another language barrier: the language of kitchen failure.

jelly roll fail

Now there’s a fail that needs no translation – because, “Aw, your poor jelly roll looks like it got hit by a bus” sounds the same, no matter where you live.

jelly roll nailed itFor more funny and more accidental failure, join Robyn over at Hollow Tree Ventures!


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