Wrecked Cars Cakelets

Cars cakeletWilliams-Sonoma, in an apparent attempt to be the next Martha Stewart, published a tutorial for creating these detailed, adorably cartoonish Cars 2 Cakelets using nothing more than specialty cakelet pans, 47 gallons of icing, the patience of a saint, and a professional food stylist.

CraftFail reader Brandy got all revved up to make some for a child’s birthday party, as explained on her blog, Max and Otis Designs. She had the cakelet pans, she had the icing, she had the patience. With no professional food stylist on hand, my guess is she substituted several hundred thousand swear words.

Cars cakelet failThe cakelets stuck in the pan, the consistency of the icing was all wrong, and the colors were impossible to match. Says Brandy, “Forget brown for Mater, he’d just look like one lumpy poop pile.”

Cars cakelet nailed itFor more things getting hilariously wrecked (like her self esteem, and, due to the embarrassment of being raised by her, probably her kids’ lives) visit Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!


2 Responses to Wrecked Cars Cakelets

  1. Andy Peterson says:

    Love it!!!

  2. Isis says:

    Well I’m no master baker, but I could definitely tell right away that these things were made with fondant, not regular icing.

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