A hair-raising braid fail

braided up-do

One of the things Pinterest is good for, aside from fostering unrealistic cooking expectations and crushing our interior decor DIY dreams, is inspiring us to do impossible things to our hair.

Hairstyles like this one, found floating around Pinterest with no tutorial (or warning), are undoubtedly gorgeous. However, they also encourage people to believe that mere mortals could achieve this very look in their own bathroom at home, armed with nothing more than a photo of the finished product and a comb.

When you add the pressures of prom to feel like a perfect princess, it’s no wonder CraftFail reader Elizabeth’s daughter and her friend were tempted to try this fancy up-do. And how did they do?

braided up-do fail

Not quite exactly what they planned, I’m guessing. Luckily, Elizabeth reports this was just pre-party practice, so there was still time to deep-condition and brush out the tangles before the big dance.

braided up-do nailed it

Visit Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures, where she admits to failures like wearing a plain old ponytail to prom.

4 Responses to A hair-raising braid fail

  1. Vashti says:

    I would imagine that at least part of the problem is that the girl in the original picture was wearing a giant hair doughnut that the submitter lacked. I’m also pretty sure there must have been fake hair involved. Even when my hair was so long I could sit on it I don’t think I had enough hair to do that exactly as pictured.

  2. Maud says:

    Why do women go through so much trouble to impress other women? Seriously…

  3. C.K. says:


  4. Saitaina says:

    Well, part of the problem is that’s the wrong braid and there was fake hair involved.

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