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Boston Cream Pie plop

boston cream pieBoston Cream Pie, like this one from Betty Crocker, is a classic dessert that balances layers of sweet, yummy deliciousness while also looking almost too good to eat.

Something tells me CraftFail reader Pepper’s pie won’t have that last problem.

boston cream pie failShe explains, “I am usually a successful baker… which makes this all the more appalling. The custard was instant, and I managed to ruin it. The ganache… I don’t even know what happened. And the cake collapsed as soon as it cooled.”

Well, I spy a piece or two missing, so at least we can say that its appearance – either too pretty or too putrid – didn’t interfere with anyone’s willingness to test a slice!

boston cream pie nailed itFor more funny and failure, follow Robyn over to Hollow Tree Ventures!


One Response to Boston Cream Pie plop

  1. Lindsay says:

    Boston Creme pie is the one cake I can actually make without ruining it, if you don’t count the first practice cake. My trouble Is getting the cake out of the pan in one piece, but the filling and ganache I can make from scratch in one try. Every other cake I have tried to make fails.

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