Destroyed Doughnut Holes

Doughnut-PopsWhy waste time and precious sugar making entire doughnuts, when all you want is the hole? Just make doughnut balls in your cake pop maker instead, as detailed in this recipe by Gourmet Gadgetry – all the goodness of a doughnut hole, without the pesky doughnut!

CraftFail reader Ebony felt my pain when I recently attempted – and failed – to make a brownie ice cream roll, so she posted her doughnut pops on my Facebook page to cheer me up:

Doughnut-Pops failAnd did it ever work – I felt better immediately! Or at least, right after I got up off the floor and stopped laughing.

So what went wrong? No one could explain it better than Ebony herself, who said, “…the recipe¬†promises a batch of sweet little pillows of cinnamon sugar doughnut goodness but sadly the results look more like the final step was to put them in a blender!”

Doughnut-Pops nailed itFor more funny, join Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures – especially if you have some pesky doughnuts you need someone to eat.



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