Melted Crayon Blurred Word

melted crayon art by Dilly Dali Art

Here’s a new twist on that melted crayon art project Pinterest keeps telling us to try!

Now we can add words and letters to our drippy wax masterpieces – just mask off part of the surface with tape before blow-drying your crayon bits, resulting in customized art like this lovely melted crayon monogram by Dilly-Dali Art.

CraftFail friend Sara got extra fancy by adding a whole word to her crayon canvas! She carefully arranged her colors in the shape of a heart, hot glued them in place, and taped off her word. A few minutes with the hair dryer and…

melted crayon art fail

Fabulous! I “LOvE” it!

melted crayon art nailed it

For more laughs join Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures, where she’s going to refrain from pointing out that a heart without the bottom point just looks like a… bottom. Because she’s WAY TOO MATURE FOR THAT. (Not really.)

2 Responses to Melted Crayon Blurred Word

  1. Saitaina says:

    That’s not ‘tape’ in the original, it’s a block letter they sell for decoration. So…fake original, brilliant replica.

  2. Sheila says:

    I’m with Saitaina. You can even see where the wax pooled against the top of the block letter.

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