Pikachu Buns

bunny biscuit fake collage

These bunny biscuits, like most things you find on Pinterest, are incredibly misleading.

First of all, we’ve already established that rabbit rolls don’t always come out very… rabbity.

But secondly, the two photos in this particular pin aren’t even of the same food.

No wonder bunny buns so often result in the baker getting spanked!

The photo on the right of bunny biscuits in process is the work of Nicholas Ang on flickr. The photo on the left, however, is not of biscuits at all – they are a sweet Japanese pastry with grapefruit filling, photographed by Juznie on flicker, made at Minamoto Kitchoan¬†according to one of Juznie’s alert commenters.

This collage has been floating all over the internet for years without the photographers’ knowledge (and without credit to them), thus making both photographers unwitting, accidental participants in a Pinterest scam that leads us to believe it’s possible to snip some dough and bake biscuits that look like these – when they aren’t even biscuits!

That’s why CraftFail reader Carrie shouldn’t be too hard on herself that her bunny buns came out looking like Pikachu.

bunny biscuit failHopefully this serves as a lesson – don’t believe everything you see on Pinterest! Wait, that’s the lesson of everything on this site…

Pikachu bunnyFor more funny, failure, and misshapen buns, visit Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!


7 Responses to Pikachu Buns

  1. I’ve made these dozens of times and they always come out fine.

  2. Maria says:

    Don’t brag, yours too look very different from the Pinterest photo.

  3. My 5-year old son made the ones in my blog post and I think they’re adorable. I’m sorry you thought I was bragging. I just intended to share a tutorial for those who found the Pinterest description lacking. I hope it helps someone!

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  5. Kate says:

    I made them for Easter & they turned out pretty darn close to the picture. I was well aware that it was not the same recipe that was used in the picture & I had to add more flour to the recipe but they tasted amazing & they looked like cute bunnies. But I agree they should not mislead people!

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  7. bun1113 says:

    biscuits = cookies in British English. there’s your trouble.

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