Polar Bear Cake Pop Flop

polar bear cake popsFancy cake pops are all the rage, and some of the cutest around can be found in Bakerella‘s books – like these polar bear cake pops found in Cake Pops: Christmas¬†(you can also find the recipe reprinted with permission on Sweet Living).

CraftFail reader Sydney must be a real cake pop enthusiast, because she owns the whole book. And, unlike me with my books, she actually read it! And tried to use the information inside!

Unfortunately, the results of her cake pop were sort of a cake flop.

polar bear cake pop flopPoor guy looks a little like a Dr. Seuss disaster. Sydney reports he took SEVEN HOURS to make – but was he delicious? We’ll never know, because this pop flop went plop – she accidentally dropped him trying to get this picture. Oof.

polar bear cake pop nailed itFor more laughs, failure, and (on most days) dropping stuff on the floor, join Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!


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