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The End of the Rainbow

rainbow cakeLegend has it that leprechauns hang out at the end of every rainbow, guarding pots of gold and treasure. So, at the end of every rainbow layer cake, you should at least find deliciousness, right? And bonus if it’s endorsed by Martha Stewart like this one, because then it’s probably also covered in gold leaf, assuming she still covers 90% of her projects in that stuff.

CraftFail reader Liz and her friend hoped they’d have the luck of the Irish when they decided to try this recipe out. They baked a cake in each color and let them cool – so far so good.

rainbow cake in progressI’m not entirely certain why they had the sewing machine out, but in hindsight, maybe sewing the layers together would’ve worked better.

rainbow cake failAfter the third layer, Liz reports, the cake started to droop and tear. I don’t know, maybe just trim that blue cake off and cover it in icing…?

Nope. I’m afraid at the end of this rainbow, all they found was a fail.

rainbow cake nailed itJoin Robyn over at Hollow Tree Ventures for more funny failure resulting from a serious lack of luck!

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