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The Ghost of Easter Past

Spring Chick CupcakesI don’t often get my holidays confused, especially with uber-Eastery foods like this Easter chick cupcake by Bird on a Cake fluttering around the Internet. If this doesn’t adorably scream EASTER into your face (and your taste buds), I don’t know what will.

At least that’s what I thought – until I saw the version cooked up by CraftFail readers Kayla and Kelsey. They couldn’t find sanding sugar to sweetly dust the cupcake tops, and they couldn’t quite get the frosting dark enough, either, which resulted in this:

Spring Chick Cupcake failUm, is that the ghost of Easter past? Some sort of undead, zombie Halloween bird? I’m not sure, but instead of saying “cheep, cheep, cheep” this chick ended up as some kind of holiday creep.

Easter chick cupcake nailed itFor more laughs visit Hollow Tree Ventures, where Robyn’s toddler just wandered in the room and announced, “They needa fix dat white one up like dat orange cheese one.” Yes, honey – exactly.

One Response to The Ghost of Easter Past

  1. asthehind says:

    I think the zombie one is cute!

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