Bucket Fail Wins Cake Bake

Dad's Birthday Cake

This amazing food feat is titled Dad’s Birthday Cake, and it is indeed a real cake by ROUVELEE ILAGAN on Flickr, made to look like an ice-cold bucket of refreshing brews.

CraftFail reader Shelley saw a photo of this beauty on Pinterest, and immediately volunteered her husband to recreate it with their son for Cub Scouts. Here’s what happened.

We make a cake every year for the annual Cub Scout Cake Bake.  We have come up with some unusual and complicated designs in the past and my husband is always able to pull them off.  This year he asked for an easier cake.  So we searched Pinterest and cake up with the perfect design.  My son cut the top half off some plastic coke bottles and spray painted the inside black so we could stick those in the top of the cake.  We bought some rock candy to use for the ice and some rolled out fondant icing to wrap around the cake as the bucket.  We didn’t even get that far.  Just as we were about to do the fondant icing around it, the cake completely collapsed, frosting and all.

ice bucket cake failIt was not salvageable, so they took it to the contest anyway and titled it “Epic Fail”.  They won 3rd for Yummiest Cake and 2nd for People’s Choice.  Ha!

Don’t you love it when failure has a happy ending?

bucket cake - nailed itFor more funny that you just couldn’t make up (Scout’s honor!), join Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures.

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