Cherpumple? Piecaken? Delicious.


I’ve learned about a lot of new desserts here at CraftFail, but this one takes the cake. And the pie.

It’s a cherpumple – cherry, pumpkin and apple pies, encased in three different kinds of cake. Yes, you heard that correctly – three pies, stacked up, inside three cakes. It also goes by the name piecaken, which I thought was a typo at first but actually is a reference to the turducken, a savory meat dish consisting of a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey. Both the turducken and piecaken are increasingly common sights at Thanksgiving, a time when people are encouraged to eat so much food that apparently we can’t even eat things one at a time anymore (also known as “every single day” at my house).

The invention of this dessert-stuffed dessert is credited to Charles Phoenix, a humorist, test kitchen food inventor, and (I’m guessing) the patron saint of elastic-waist pants. He encourages visitors to his site to bake this towering stack of sugary treats and send in photos, one of which is featured above.

Isn’t it glorious?

CraftFail reader Anita must’ve thought so, because she couldn’t resist giving it a shot.

piecaken fail

She got one layer in, and just couldn’t get more desserts to pile on. It still appears to be one dessert inside another dessert, though, which I wouldn’t really call a fail – I’d just call it a deliciously good start!

piecaken nailed it

For more funny visit Hollow Tree Ventures, where Robyn really piles on the laughs (and the calories, too).

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