Crooked Chinese Coconut Cookie Chicks

Easter cookies

Leave it to Chocolate-Covered Katie to make healthy macaroons, and then turn them into super cute coconut cookie chicks for Easter. Yummy, adorable and (my favorite) EASY – just a few ingredients, hardly any cooking whatsoever, then some simple decorations to turn cookie lumps into sweet little bite-sized birdie treats.

One of my favorite things about Katie’s recipe is that she encourages you to “get creative with whatever ingredients you have on hand” when decorating your cookies. She used all kinds of healthy mumbo-jumbo, most of which I’d never even heard of, but notes that she saw similar cookies with faces made of chocolate chips and jellybeans.

CraftFail reader Anita really took that advice to heart when she created her chicks.

coconut cookie fail

Okay, let’s overlook the fact that they’re a little lumpy and some of the faces are… sideways. Crooked cookies are charming! My question is, are those chow mein noodles sticking out of their heads?!? I bet even Katie hadn’t thought of adding Chinese food to her cookies!

easter cookies nailed it

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  1. Ariel says:

    I think they are adorable! They have personality. =)

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