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Paas egg stampersPretty much everyone who loves Easter loves decorating Easter eggs, and pretty much anyone who loves crafts appreciates the convenience of pre-made, everything-you-need-is-included-in-this-box kits. Egg Stampers from Paas are a particularly well-known and trusted brand this time of year – I’ll bet you remember the Paas Easter bunny distinctly from your own childhood nightmares, amiright? Or maybe that was the Easter bunny from the mall. Or maybe that was just me. Whatever.

CraftFail reader Tracey thought this would be a fun way to celebrate Easter with her husband, but… Well, I’ll let her tell the story in her own words.

Last year, my husband and I were spending our first Easter together as a married couple. To make it festive, I decided I would dye some eggs and hide them around the apartment. I found the Paas “Egg Stampers” kit that included dye AND stamps: a butterfly, a bee, and a sun. I remembered dyeing eggs as a kid, and thought that it would be easy. And I distinctly remember using the “Paas” products.
Egg Stampers
First of all, I forgot that I’d need to buy white eggs, and I only had brown ones in the refrigerator. So even after soaking them for several hours, they were still a sort of weak, murky color. I had to keep them submerged overnight and even then, the darker colors (green and blue) didn’t turn out right.
Since that didn’t seem to be working, I tried using the “coloring alternatives.” This means adding vinegar or extra water to make them “ultra vibrant” or pastel, respectively. The vinegar eggs got bubbly on the outside, and the dye didn’t want to adhere, leading to patchy, speckled color that slid and scraped off when I tried to use the scoop to remove them from the soaking liquid.
dyed eggs
EDITOR’S NOTE: Okay Tracey, these better be getting ugly soon, because so far they’re about 40,000% percent more gorgeous than any eggs I’ve ever dyed. Well, except maybe for that orange one up front that looks like it’s sprouting hair.
Finally, the stamps were cheap as heck. They’d come off of their handles, falling to the counter and leaving dye everywhere. (Note the paper towels in the final picture; too little too late.) In some cases I managed to get pretty clear designs. But for the most part, the dye would glob into the grooves of the stamp rather than just to the outlines, leaving undistinguishable blobs and blotches of color running the sides of the eggs.
stamped Easter egg fail
I still hid them around the apartment for my husband to find, though, and he had fun finding them. So…nailed it?

Hey, fun is fun, no matter how they turned out! But why is it that it seems the older we get, the fewer crafts from our childhood we can still manage to do successfully? I would assume maybe our standards have just gotten higher, except I know for a fact that’s not true in my case. The older I get, the lower my standards get. It’s a craft mystery!

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