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How Jabba the Lamb Saved Facebook

lamb cake

I don’t think I’m alone when I say that, occasionally, I want to burn Facebook to the ground and salt the earth where it stood.

Okay, maybe that’s a little harsh, but sometimes it does seem like a huge time suck with very little payoff. I scroll, and scroll, and scroll, and instead of seeing updates from the pages I’ve “liked” or funny jokes or news from my friends, I get eleven jillion ads, followed by three humble-brags, a photo of someone’s kitchen that’s way cleaner than mine will ever be, and a workout update from someone I haven’t seen since third grade.

But then, something comes along that completely redeems Facebook.

For me, that something was cake. Specifically, a cake made by my newest Facebook BFF – let’s call her Flannery. Because that’s her name. Or at least, that’s what she tells me.

See, she was the friend of a friend on Facebook (now just a friend, because you know I’ll e-stalk anyone who has a sense of humor about their terrifyingly horrible baking, until they finally relent and acknowledge my existence by accepting my friend request and then, probably, immediately blocking me) who posted that she borrowed a lamb cake mold from a buddy. Her buddy, Lizbeth, had used a similar mold to make the cake pictured above.


Of course it is. So Flannery decided to make one, too. Except, instead of a sweet, peaceful lamb, hers turned out like this.

lamb cake failWhat’s my favorite part? Is it the vacant M&M eyes? Is it the the hope that maybe this purple Jabba the Lamb lump finally killed and devoured Barney? Is it the fact that the whole cake appears to be oozing, slug-like, backwards out of the pan? Is it the uncanny resemblance to a Peep that’s been left on a hot dashboard for several hours?

No, my favorite part has to be the way Flannery tells the story of this unfortunate-looking cake’s birth in It Puts The Frosting on the Lamb on her site, The Connor Chronicles. So. Funny.

And, of course, my second favorite part is having my faith restored in Facebook by finding a funny new friend (WHETHER SHE LIKES IT OR NOT) and a funny failed cake. I knew there was awesome stuff on there, somewhere. I just knew it.*

*I didn’t really know it.

lamb cake nailed itFor more funny join Robyn of¬†Hollow Tree Ventures, who’d like to leave you with a final image of what you’ll never be able to un-see if you Google “purple lamb” and forget to add the all-important word, “cake.”

purple lambYou’re welcome.



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