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Mint Chocolate Chip Cake Mess

mint-chocolate-chip-cakeThis chocolate cake with mint chocolate chip frosting by Shugary Sweets has some secrets. For example, it contains no ice cream, even though it looks like a solid hunk of chunky mint chip. Also, this cake has coffee in it, which I’m pretty sure qualifies it as a breakfast food.

I think I had a third thing for this list of secrets, but now I’m distracted by the thought of breakfast cake…

Anyway, CraftFail reader Jordan and her friend found the cake on Pinterest and made the classic Pinterest mistake – assuming it would turn out anything like the original.

mint cake failMmm, an oozing pile of… lumpy toothpaste? Yum! I’m not picky about my breakfast chocolate – bring me a fork!

mint chocolate cake nailed itFor more laughs, check out Hollow Tree Ventures – where Robyn is currently researching the effectiveness of brushing your teeth with minty cake.




4 Responses to Mint Chocolate Chip Cake Mess

  1. Oh my word. As the author of Shugary Sweets, I seriously am cracking up!!! NAILED IT.

  2. robyn says:

    Aimee – so glad you came by, and that you got a kick out of the fail! I’ve been hungry for YOUR version ever since I saw it!

  3. Robyn- wish you could try the real version, hehe!! But the lumpy toothpaste probably at least tasted good!

  4. robyn says:

    I’ll bet you’re right, Aimee – with mint, chocolate and a coffee bonus, how could you go wrong?!? Taste-wise, anyway. :)

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