Swirly Easter Bark – blech!

Easter barkWhat you see here is some delicious Easter bark by The Browy Blog, made by melting chocolate of different colors (oh yes, chocolate does come in different colors, though I’m usually eating it too fast to notice) and tossing in some “Smarties,” which are like the M&Ms we have in ‘Merica, but we can’t have them here because we jumped the gun and already named some other candy Smarties.

CraftFail reader Chelsey had the ingenious idea of using this recipe and adding a dash of love – by making a Valentine’s Day version! Pink and red and chocolate all swirled around together should look pretty appetizing, right?

easter bark fail

Sure, if you like sheets of chocolate bark that look like internal organs, this looks delish! Here’s what Chelsey had to say about it:

I had just become a new mom. I was a great baker. Well things change when you have a kid and you are rushed to do anything at all times. So this was my attempt with a 5 week old son. What a mess!

Oh, you had a 5-week-old baby hanging off you while you were making it? Then never mind – the fact that you were alert and mobile enough to even find the kitchen is a win in this mom’s book!

easter bark nailed it

For more funny, find Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures – where she’ll happily eat whatever kind of Smarties or busted up chocolate bark you wanna share.

One Response to Swirly Easter Bark – blech!

  1. Lori says:

    Yikes! Looks like something a surgeon removed! Lol…we’ve all been there. :)

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