Un-Crisp Apple Chips

apple chipsCrunchy, healthy and tasty, there’s a lot to love about baked apple chips like these from Baked By Rachel.

There are recipes for these fruity treats all over Pinterest, so CraftFail reader Darlena (of parentwin) plucked one up and set to work making a special snack for her preschooler. You can read the back story here, but unfortunately, as she puts it, “I spent five hours failing at a recipe that should take 40 minutes…”

apple chips failI’m no apple expert, but in my experience they don’t even look that juicy BEFORE you bake them.

Well, I see car keys in the background of this photo, which leads me to believe that Darlena knows these (completely made up) statistics:

50% of all Pinterest recipe attempts result in a trip to the grocery to pick up the store-bought version of whatever you were trying to make.

99% of all Pinterest recipe attempts result in a trip to the liquor store.

apple chips nailed itFor more funny and more failure, visit Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!



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