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Unnatural Naturally Dyed Eggs

naturally dyed eggsOnce again, Pinterest has lied to us by pairing simple instructions with a non-simple photograph from Martha Stewart. This time Martha’s dyeing eggs naturally, using all kinds of boiled kitchen scraps (or as we call it at my house, “dinner”).

What a great way to combine Easter activities (egg dyeing) with Earth Day activities (composting) since they’re only a few days apart! Planet-loving, egg-coloring mania spread all over the globe, including into the kitchen of unsuspecting CraftFail reader Katharina, of G√∂teborg, Sweden.

natural egg dye failHmm, a little splotchier than Martha’s perfect little (probably organic) hen droppings. What happened?

I just dyed Easter eggs using a Pinterest instruction for natural dying. It sounded so easy, using parsley for green and red pepper spice for red (the eggs were shiny white even after 15 minutes waiting). The only two ingredients that worked at all were blueberry and coffee. But the color needs time to dry before it resists touching (which doesn’t work as I need to get the eggs out and place them to dry). The results are not quite as the picture on Pinterest looked like…

Well, Katharina, it isn’t your fault. Pinterest is a huge liar. But still, are you sure those two on the right aren’t just rotten?

natural egg dye nailed itFor more (possibly rotten) laughs, join Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!


2 Responses to Unnatural Naturally Dyed Eggs

  1. pikapal says:

    I think onion skins and beets work too. IDK never tired it.

  2. Maria says:

    I tried dyeing eggs with onion skins this year two times, following tutorials found through Pinterest. Neither worked. Finally I managed to do it by boiling a lot of skins (about 3-4/egg) for about an hour, removing the skins, and simmering the resulting dye until only 1/4 of original quantity was left. Only this way could I get strong enough stuff to dye the eggs in 5 minutes. Got a nice dark blood color. Those pastels look impossible to get right.

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