Another Bunny Bun Bites the Dust

bunny biscuit fake collageHere at CraftFail, we’re used to things not quite being exactly what they seem. Recipes get mixed up, crafts become craft-tastrophes, and Pinterest… well, Pinterest can be a bit misleading even to crafters with the best intentions (and detective skills).

The above image, for example, is something you see practically every single time you log on to Pinterest. But as I discovered in the case of these craftfailed¬†Pikachu buns, this photo collage is a total fake! And yet, still so cute… so tempting to try…

That explains why reader Melissa wasn’t the first to try bunny buns – or the first to totally bite it.

bunny bun failOh well, lumpy bumpy buns aren’t so bad, either, right?

bunny bun nailed itFor more funny (and yes, lumpy buns – sighhhhh), visit Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!



One Response to Another Bunny Bun Bites the Dust

  1. karey says:

    Could Iorder some of the hippie chick rings please?

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