Baby Buggy Fruity Bowl

baby fruit bowl

Although you can find tutorials for how to make these cute, healthy, only mildly disturbing baby shower treats here and there on the web, the majority of the baby buggy fruit bowls you see on Pinterest (like this one) are just pictures. I mean yes, they’re amazing, really cool pictures of impressive feats of fruit sculpture, but they’re just pictures without the benefit of step-by-step instructions, a link, or any credit to the person who we could potentially beg to show us how to make one of our own.

However, like a lot of things you see on Pinterest, it’s easy to assume the photo is enough. Sure, tutorials are nice, but you can get the gist of how to make something like this simply from studying the picture, right?

That’s what reader Cheri assumed when she texted this photo to her husband and asked him to recreate it. When she got home, this (in addition to one proud hubby) is what greeted her:

baby fruit bowl fail

Wow, that is… actually, kind of way too lifelike. I would kill for those cheekbones. And hey, does that baby have his ears pieced?

Oh wait, I see what happened – her husband thought it was supposed to be a Laurel and Hardy thing.

Laurel and Hardy fruit bowlsFor more real-life funny, find Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!

4 Responses to Baby Buggy Fruity Bowl

  1. Nate Secrest says:

    This is Cheri’s husband. In my defense, I’m a musician, not an artist:)

  2. robyn says:

    You sound like an artist to us, @Nate! :) Plus, that baby head is awesome – it just looks more like a full-grown man head than a baby, which is actually pretty impressive.

  3. Polexia says:

    This actually doesn’t look bad, really. The baby head is a bit big and not round but the watermelon looks awesome. Just need a bunch of grapes and kiwi etc. to fill it in. Pretty decent job, Nate! (I must admit at first I did think the head looked like one of Shrek’s babies, though.)

  4. Melissa says:

    Those ears! They’re so human! I can imagine all the work that went into the ears. I would have taken the lazy way out and used melon balls as ears. I’m going to ask my husband to make this, just to see what happens..

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