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Floral Cookie Clumps

flower cookiesWell, this looks simple enough! Most of the pins you’ll find with this image lead NOWHERE, presumably because people assume the photo itself is pretty self-explanatory – it looks like you just roll a ball of cookie dough in colorful sugar, snip some petals, and bake!

Except I tracked down the original recipe for these holiday blossom cookies on Better Homes and Gardens, and do you know what?!?

It is exactly that simple.

Still, for every recipe there are fifty ways to fail it, so I wasn’t surprised to see this photo from reader Angel:

flower cookie fail

Who needs flower cookies when you can have two flowers, one flower that got run over by a lawnmower, one disfigured starfish, and two sugary wads of Play Doh instead? As Angel said, “Eh, close enough.”

flower cookie nailed itFor more funny and more failure, find Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!

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