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Footprint Stepping Stone Misses a Step

baby footprint stepping stone

One of the peskiest things about babies, aside from the crying and leaky diapers and mashed banana in your carpet, is that they insist on getting bigger all the time. Sure, parents can get bleach and hardwood floors and ear plugs to manage those other problems, but what can they do about that growing?

Well, not much, so parents are left to preserve memories of their babies’ itty-bittiness in photos and keepsakes, like bronzed shoes or DIY footprint stepping stones. The photo and instructions shown above can be found all over Pinterest, and although the image isn’t attributed to anyone specifically, the instructions seem pretty clear.

However, CraftFail reader William sent us a photo of his niece’s footprint impression, which proves that even the clearest instructions might miss a step.

baby footprint stepping stone fail

I guess it might’ve been helpful if, right after “Make impression,” they’d specified, “Press entire foot, INCLUDING ALL THE TOES, into the dough.”

baby footprint stepping stone nailed it

For more laughs (most of which are caused by unintentional missteps), find Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!

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