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Homemade Flop-Tarts

homemade poptartsIt’s generally a pretty smart idea to make food at home if you can swing it, rather than buy the grocery store version. In most cases it’s cheaper and healthier, plus you can add your own secret ingredient (love) instead of ending up with name-brand secret ingredients (chemicals you can’t pronounce and conveyor belt germs).

That’s the idea behind homemade Pop-Tarts, like these from Bake Me More. Make cheap and easy mock-tarts with just a few simple ingredients!

Or at least that’s what CraftFail reader AJ was hoping when she tried this recipe. Well, wait – she didn’t exactly try *this* recipe. She tried this recipe with her own special modifications. For example, she made her own pie crust instead of using a ready-made one. (Extra bonus points!) And she substituted a cinnamon and sugar mixture for the fruity jam the instructions called for. (Extra bonus bravery!) And she accidentally doubled the whole recipe. (Extra bonus food!)

homemade poptart fail preparedAJ explains, “Apparently the butter holding the cinnamon-sugar mixture together just completely melted in the oven. Oops… Needless to say, these were not edible. No, seriously. I actually tried one, just in case. The dough was all… doughy… and not in a good way.”

homemade poptart cookingI don’t know, it’s hard for me to believe that pie crust, butter and sugary cinnamon could turn out badly. That has to be a special kind of fail. Were they really that bad?

homemade poptart failMmm, slime tarts.

homemade poptart nailed itHead to Hollow Tree Ventures for more sweet, buttery funny.


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