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The Rainbow (Cookie) Connection

rainbow swirl cookiesWhat connects us as human beings? What brings us together as a society? What tears down the barriers of everything that seems to make us different, and shows us that, deep down, we’re all really the same?

Craft fails, of course.

Sorry I got all freshman-year-philosophy-major on you there for a second, but an email from reader Angela got me thinking. She saw a recent CraftFail post featuring these rainbow pinwheel cookies (original recipe by Shelly Ruybalid on Souders Studios), and it prompted her to send in a photo of her own attempt.

pinwheel cookie fail

Now, I say that these pinwheels are pretty spot on; they’re swirly, and bonus points for successful sprinkles! It’s just that the “rainbow” part turned out a little… cloudy. But I brightened right up when I realized that Angela must’ve found a little comfort in the fails she found here, maybe felt a little kinship, maybe found a little courage to share her own crummy cookies.

And isn’t that what it’s all about?

I mean, besides eating cookies that don’t look like the shadow of the cookies they were supposed to be. It’s all about that sometimes, too.

Anyway, I feel pretty sure that the pot at the end of this rainbow is filled with gold. Or, better yet, with fresh sugar cookie dough, because seriously, we need to make a new batch of these cookies.

pinwheel cookie nailed itFor more sweet, sweet funny failure, follow Robyn to Hollow Tree Ventures!


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