This Punch is Duck, Duck, Gross!

Baby Shower punch

One of the best parts of a baby shower is all that adorable baby-themed food. Oohing and ahhing about how clever the hostesses was to make the cake look like a stack of diapers helps distract you from the disgusting fact that you just played the “guess which unlabeled baby food this is” game and every jar looked like it was full of toxic finger paint mixed with meat and sand.

The Cutting Back Kitchen‘s Ducky Baby Shower Punch is everything a baby shower drink should be! It’s sweet, it’s fizzy, and it reminds you how cute it is when kids guzzle their own bath water like some kind of delicious kid-flavored beverage.

However, if there’s one downside to the traditional baby shower buffet, it’s that it sets up unrealistic expectations for the mom-to-be. The cake shaped like neatly stacked diapers implies that things have a small chance of remaining organized after the baby comes. Pacifiers adorning the tops of all the cupcakes lead her to believe she’ll actually be able to locate a pacifier every time she needs one. And this ducky punch? Well, I don’t remember the last time one of my kids’ baths actually looked that sudsy and clean.

That’s why I’m partial to CraftFail reader Jennifer’s version – it’s SO much more realistic.

baby shower ducky punch fail

Now THAT’S a bath a real mom would recognize. The water looks filthy, the tub is full of colorful bits of junk you can’t identify, there are a bunch of toys floating around but no kids to be found, and you can just tell it’s going to result in a huge, splashy mess.

One day, Jennifer’s sister-in-law will thank her for mixing this batch for her baby shower – now she won’t be disappointed when her new baby’s rubber ducky time actually turns out to be a game of Duck, Duck, GROSS!

baby shower ducky punch nailed it

For more laughs about the bright side of parenting’s dirty work, follow Robyn to Hollow Tree Ventures!

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