String Ball Blobs: once, twice, three times a craft fail

twine ballsI’m not saying that every attempt to make those twine balls you see all over Pinterest ends in failure and tears and a gigantic mess. Okay, every attempt probably does end in a mess, but that’s only because there’s no way to soak string in glue and wrap it around a balloon without getting glue on your table, your face and your ceiling. That’s just physics, right there. However, obviously some people are capable of creating them successfully – just look at these beauties made by musings of a glamourpuss according to her very own simple, straightforward directions.

However, time and time again crafters from around the Internet try to make their own twine balls (or a common variation, using yarn instead of twine) and fail miserably. Just look at this slimy, melted mess from CraftFail reader Kelly! It looks like an octopus … that’s slowly being smothered by wet Silly String.

twine ball fail

Or what about these¬†sad little crumpled yarn blobs? They were supposed to be party favors, but since the balloons deflated overnight and left them looking lumpy, creator Genevieve declared, “Happy birthday to the trash.”

yarn ball fail

So, where do frequently failed crafts like these go wrong? If you’ve ever wondered what the heck is going on between a craft’s Before and After photos, I can explain! This quick episode of Robyn’s Crafty Corner shows you exactly how to make twine balls – and exactly why they so often end up looking like something the cat threw up on the stairs.

Robyn's Crafty Corner TWINE BALLS

(To answer your questions: yes, my name is Robyn, and yes, this is me making an idiot of myself on video, and yes, I do have a cat but no, he doesn’t throw up in this video. Oh, and no, I don’t always scratch my head with a spoon. All other questions should be directed to the nearly dead yarn octopus.)

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  1. kathy says:


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  3. yoda says:

    Mine failed too, but a collapsed blue ball looks very much like a nest. Good thing it was easter! :)

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