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Zombie Caterpillar Grape Kabobs

grape snackThese caterpillar grape kabobs from A Spotted Pony are a fantastic way to trick children into eating something healthy by distracting them with a fun-food insect disguise, plus OMG, SO ADORABLE on your table or picnic blanket! As an extra bonus, they’re really easy to make – just stab a series of grapes with a skewer and add chocolate chip eyes with a little dab of frosting.

CraftFail regular and chronic Pinterest-truster, Darlena of parentwin, decided to put her own spin on the recipe by substituting a different candy for the eyes. How different could it be, right?

grape caterpillar failYou can hardly tell! Except, instead of a friendly group of silly caterpillars, these look more like a legion of evil undead-kabobs.

grape caterpillar nailed itFor more laughs visit Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures, where she’s only a zombie because of all the sleep deprivation.

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