A Trim-A-Rim For Naughty Notes

trim-a-rimWhere was this thing back when I had a locker?!? Trim-A-Rim, in case you haven’t heard of it, is a nifty, magnetic, reversible dry erase board/mirror that you can customize. The clear cover that goes around the edge pops off easily, so you can insert one of the paper rings that comes with the kit or you can make your own ring using the included template. OR, if you’re feeling extra creative, you can use Trim-A-Rim’s online design studio to whip something extra special up.

OMG, that sounds totally doable!

That’s what Toulouse, of Toulouse and Tonic, decided to try when she attempted to make her own super-personalized trimmed rim.

First she added some pink hearts around the edge, and made them niiiice and big. Maybe a little too big, because when she printed her design the tips of the hearts got cut off. No worries, though – nothing that a little creativity and some symmetrically-applied glitter can’t fix! Glitter fixes everything! Doesn’t it?

Trim-A-Rim failUm… oops. Well, on the plus side, the design *is* very, very personal. Right? Also, when she leaves a dry-erase note on the fridge reminding her husband to take the trash out, she can be nearly 100% sure he’ll notice it. Winning!

trim-a-rim nailed it

Read the whole Boob-A-Rim story on Toulouse and Tonic.

Then follow the funny over to Hollow Tree Ventures, where Robyn is pretty sure if she’d had THIS in her locker she’d have been a lot more popular in high school.



3 Responses to A Trim-A-Rim For Naughty Notes

  1. Toulouse says:

    You know, I was a little embarrassed at first when I accidentally made a stripper boob trim a rim but I’ve noticed a major uptick in how often my husband pays attention to the notes I leave him. I have to say, my boob a rim is a score!

  2. Andy Peterson says:

    PSML love it Toulouse!!! LOL #myfavourite

    Both plates are so adorable!!! But love yours!!

  3. yenta says:

    This is just GREAT !! Had these dry erase boards on the door of my dorm room, facing out to the hallway.
    Just wish I had Toulouse’s !!

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