Birdseed Egg Bombs

birdseed eggsIf you love nature, finding uses for those 11 billion plastic Easter eggs we all have floating around our houses, preventing birds from starving, and crafting with your kids, the April 2014 issue of FamilyFun magazine has just the project for you – birdseed eggs! Simply mix up some seeds with unflavored gelatin and pack it all into some pre-greased plastic egg shells, and after a short wait you’ll have perfectly formed little food pellets for your feathered friends.

Unless, of course, it turns into a craftfail, which is exactly what happened to reader Lindsay.

birdseed eggs fail


Here’s what Lindsay had to say about it:

My daughter and I saw this craft in the April 2014 issue of family fun. So I bought unflavored gelatin, followed the directions, and a craft fail resulted. What the magazine didn’t say was that unflavored gelatin smells disgusting. We let the eggs set up for 25 hours as directed. When I checked on them I discovered that half of them had burst open on their own, the butter spray I used instead of vegetable oil made the eggs all greasy, and the gelatin had failed to gel. Maybe I should have put these in the fridge. Only one of the eggs appeared to come out in egg shape, but when I turned it over I found that it was missing a chunk in the back.

Ohhh, so close.

birdseed eggs failWell, at least you have a good reason to throw these as hard as you can out into the back yard, which is more than I can say for most of my craft fails. The birds won’t even eat most of my *food* fails, including the ones I’ve made for my poor family.

birdseed eggs nailed itFor more funny, follow Robyn over to Hollow Tree Ventures where she’ll laugh at almost everything about herself, including bird-related jokes about her name. But don’t bother because SHE’S ALREADY HEARD THEM ALL.



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