Cinnamon Roll Pancakes – nailed it

cinnamon roll pancakesCooking is an art form. That’s especially true when you’re cooking up some food that’s pretty to look at, like these cinnamon roll pancakes by Life in the Lofthouse.

Now, I’ve already learned my lesson when it comes to squirting pancake batter out of things, which I attempted because I thought it would be an easy way to make pancakes into shapes. But this is a little different – you pour out a regular, round pancake, and then squirt the cinnamon mixture in a spiral on top to make it look and taste like a cinnamon roll. That sounds doable.

cinnamon roll pancake failOh right, I forgot about that “cooking is an art form” thing. CraftFail reader Melody learned the hard way the same thing I would have learned if I’d tried this recipe: that making food look pretty is easier seen on Pinterest than done.

Luckily, a food’s true beauty is in the eye of the taste bud holder, and I’ll bet these ugly ducklings were delicious.

cinnamon roll pancake nailed itFor more mixed-up funny failure, find Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!




2 Responses to Cinnamon Roll Pancakes – nailed it

  1. Squirting is sooo hard, especially if the base AND the topping are semi-liquid! I’m sure though your pancakes tasted heavenly, I love cinnamon rolls!

  2. yenta says:

    I’ve got to give you major points for even attempting this one.

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