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home tweet homeThis birdhouse kit, I have to say, is pretty dang cute. First off, it has a thatched roof, features sturdy assembly and claims to be big enough for two birds, so it’s already well on its way to becoming a trendy downtown Seattle apartment. Put up some crown molding and add a rainwater collection system, and you have yourself at least $1800/month in rental income!

Where I really feel like the fine folks at ALEX Toys went wrong with their Home Tweet Home kit, if anywhere, was with their suggested decorating. I’m all for seeding my creativity with a little inspiration, but this craft is approved for kids aged five and up, and I don’t know a lot of young children who can produce the results depicted in the packaging.

home tweet home inspiration

I mean, are we all supposed to hang curtains on the outsides of our windows now? How am I supposed to make sure the birds wipe their feet on that tiny welcome mat? And don’t think I overlooked the fact that there’s a birdhouse hanging in the tree… that’s painted on the side of this birdhouse.

These are some pretty heavy decorating concepts for children to wrap their little artistic minds around.

Nevertheless, good friend of mine and CraftFailers everywhere, Anna of Random Handprints, bravely handed this craft over to one of her children, who apparently isn’t as prone to emotional outbursts about painting perfection as some other kids I know (*nods meaningfully in the direction of her own children*). Things started to go off the rails right away as the side-yard tree became a greensplosion.

home tweet home in processHowever, I can’t begin to tell you how much I adore the fact that he made a matching green rock. I would never think to paint the rock. Kids are awesome.

Then Anna’s son did something even better – he did whatever the kid-friendly version of flipping the bird (unintentional pun!) is at the instructions, went completely rogue and created THIS.

home tweet home improvement

No curtains or welcome mats, but  SO MUCH BETTER than the inspiration. Anna reports it is currently hanging in a tree in her yard.

I hope she’s charging the birds at least $2000/month.

home tweet home nailed itFor more unfeathered funny from Robyn, flit on over to Hollow Tree Ventures!


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  1. Thanks so much for featuring – I didn’t even notice my little artiste had painted the “hold down the paper rock,” too. Kids.

  2. That’s looks verrrrry similar to the two (yes, two) paint-your-own treasure chests my son has, only with less glitter.

  3. robyn says:


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