Honey Bear Boo Boo

honey bear

Have you ever been making a homemade gift, been almost finished and thought to yourself, “Hmm, this is nice, but it just needs one more thing…”?

I’m guessing that’s what happened to reader Rachel when she made some honey bears into sweet gifts by writing, “I love you BEARY much” on their tummies. How cute! That alone is such a nice gesture, but I can almost hear her thinking that they just needed a little extra… something to make them even more special.

RIBBON – of course! Ribbon makes everything fancier!

Rambo honey bear

Oops, that might have gone a little too far. If they needed a little extra something, I don’t think that was it – but I can see why her husband calls them Rambo Honey Bears.

Although, maybe they only seem tough thanks to the sign hanging up right behind them: GO AWAY.

Okay, sure Rambo Honey Bears – we don’t want any trouble.

*As we back away slowly from the honey bears and their design boo boos, find Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures for more funnies!

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