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Polka-Dot-Not Cake

polka dot cake

I don’t love baking as much as my kids wish I did, but I do love making something that looks relatively complicated without much effort. That’s exactly what you get from this polka dot cake from Once Upon a Pedestal – *you* know that you just baked colorful cake pops inside another cake, but your kids think YOU’RE MAGICAL!

Unless you run into the same problems as CraftFail reader Kayla…

polka dot cake fail


I know, you want to tell her to add just a liiiiiittle more cake batter – until you learn this was her THIRD ATTEMPT, at which point you just want to say, “You know what, Kayla? This one is just perfect. Let’s eat!”

polka dot cake nailed it


For more spotty humor, find Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!

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