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Resurrection Roll Wreck

resurrection rollsDid you know you can teach your kids about religion and make dessert at the same time? It’s true! Check out these resurrection rolls on Sisters Shopping on a Shoestring – they do a great job of laying out the whole recipe and the story to go with it. Or, if you want the Cliff’s Notes version, you wrap up a cinnamony marshmallow in a Crescent roll, and when you bake the whole thing it turns into a puffy metaphorical tomb – and the metaphorical Jesus (that’s the marshmallow) is GONE!

You know what? I’m terrible at religion, metaphors, and explaining things, so you should probably just pop over there to see what the heck I’m talking about. It’s much more clever – and simple – than I’m making it sound.

Reader Laura thought it sounded clever and simple, too, but unfortunately a recipe being simple doesn’t mean it isn’t also a recipe for failure.

resurrection rolls fail


According to Laura, “These were supposed to be “Resurrection rolls” but turned out to be “crescent blobs” instead.”

resurrection-rolls nailed it


Follow Robyn to Hollow Tree Ventures for more funny and more failure!

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