Spider Cookie – a fail from the start

spider cookie

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Um, excuse me, but isn’t a spider-covered cookie a fail EVEN IF YOU DO IT RIGHT?”

The answer, in a nutshell, is a resounding OMG YES.

Nevertheless, you won’t be surprised that it’s all over the Internet, and most places (if they give credit at all) refer back to a post on Natural Living and Parenting’s Facebook page from 2013, which pairs this photo with a recipe.

However, it’s not their photo, either – if you check the watermark, it’s a picture from Worth1000.com. Worth 1000 is a site that hosts (we really should have seen this coming) Photoshop contests. This photo is the creation of user chther11, and spiderchipcookie was the 4th place winning entry in a contest called Snackimals, which also spawned such horrors as a slimy strawberry caterpillar and pickled frogs.

So it should come as no surprise when people of the web have trouble making cookies that end up looking like this one by simply dragging a toothpick through the melted chocolate chips to create legs, as so many online tutorials suggest.

Kat, of How To, How Hard, and How Much, found out how impossible the task is first-hand when she completely mangled three batches of cookies, practically digging holes in them with toothpicks trying to spin some chocolate spiders. Miraculously, she did create two cookies with one spider each, which look nothing like the original (for reasons that are now obvious) and which took approximately forever and a day to make.

spider cookie failYou can read the whole fail-full story here, but as Kat says, I think we can all agree “the moral of the story is: don’t believe everything you see on the internet.”

And for more good, honest, spider-free funny, find Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!

3 Responses to Spider Cookie – a fail from the start

  1. asthehind says:

    When I was a child there was a popular joke at my school. ‘What do you call a spider with no legs? A raison!’ That joke made eating raisons really unpleasant. That said, those cookies would have scarred me for life.

  2. Heidi says:

    My kids would freak out if I made these!! They hate spiders !!!

  3. ANGEL says:

    Ok, it MIGHT be possible to pull off if you used a fine tip paintbrush and black food coloring to make the legs off the chocolate chips!

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