That’s One Big Baby Hat!

baby hatI bet you remember Sophie, friend of CraftFail and writer at the very funny tumblr Welcome To Amateur Hour, from her laughable lampshade or her tacky tech gloves. She really has some great ideas! They just don’t always turn out so great…

This time, Sophie got it in her head to make a hat for her brother’s newborn baby. How thoughtful!

We’re featuring it here because it represents an important message – that sometimes a craft is a fail because it turns out to be less than you bargained for. But sometimes it’s a fail because it turns out to be much, much more.

As Sophie says, “I thought it’d be nice to knit her a hat to stay warm in her first winter. As it turns out, I knitted a hat that will be suitable for her second winter.”

baby hat - way too big

Or… maybe her third winter. Follow the simple step-by-step for how her plan went awry here.

Then, for more oversized funny, follow Robyn over to Hollow Tree Ventures!

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  1. It may be large but it’s still a pretty hat and looks nicely done! I’m due in November with a baby girl and want to find a couple of simple knitting or crochet patterns for the winter!

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