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Tie-Dye Rose – Really?

rainbow roseNo need to adjust your screens, everyone – this rose is real. Well, it didn’t grow this way, but according to Pinterest and fine sites like Free People Blog, you can create rainbow tie-dye roses by splitting the stem of a cut flower and putting each tip into a different cup of tinted water.

Reader Kat tried it out and wrote about it on How To, How Hard, and How Much. She set everything up according to the directions, and even had the foresight to cat-proof the area before letting it sit overnight!  So, what happened?

Umm… nothing.

Well, she set up a few flowers in a single color without cutting the stems just to see if those would change, and they did. Sort of.

rainbow rose failNot *quite* the dramatic effect she was looking for, but a dozen roses by any other name… would still cost too much to make this experiment worth trying.

rainbow rose nailed itFor more failure and slightly colorful language, find Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!




5 Responses to Tie-Dye Rose – Really?

  1. pikapal says:

    You can do this. Kids at my elementary school used to do this for science projects. You either needed to add more coloring or let the flower sit in the colored water for more than a day.

  2. Monica says:

    I saw some kids at our elementary school do this and their flowers looked identical to the ones in the “fail” picture. =)

  3. polymathamy says:

    This works great with white carnations, but I have never tried it with roses.

  4. Rosie says:

    I agree with polymathamy – try thirstier flowers. The image is too strongly coloured (and too exact) to be real, I believe, anyway.

  5. piper says:

    There are real, unaltered bright rainbow roses, but they are from a company that adds the dye whilst the roses are still growing with a special system.The diy version usually turns out like this or slightly more.

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