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Festive Cookies Fall Flat

candy cane kiss cookiesThese candy cane kiss cookies from To. Die. For. Recipes calls for rolling cookie dough into balls, rolling the cookie balls around in colorful sugar, and pressing a peppermint kiss into each one when they’re perfectly baked.

So far, I love everything about them. Well, except the part where I have to make my own cookie dough. And the part where I have to resist eating all the peppermint kisses by the fistful while I wait for the cookies to bake. Hey, 8-10 minutes is a long time.

Which shows me that CraftFail reader¬†Leanne exercised superhuman levels of willpower as she set out to make these plump, festive treats. And yet, despite the fact that she still had peppermint kisses left in her kitchen when the cookies came out of the oven…

Christmas cookies fell flat…THIS happened. Wait a second, where’s the “sad trombone” key on this keyboard…?

Ah, there is is: **wah wahhhhhhhh**

Well, they might not be much to look at, but I bet they pass the taste test with flying (green and red) colors!

Christmas cookies nailed itFor more funny that doesn’t fall flat, find Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!




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